Essay on The use of group work

Subject- The utilization of group work in USIU

Questions-Is group work a relevant learning tool in studies? What criteria carry out lecturers and students us when creating such groupings?


1 . 1 Improved productivity and gratification

1 . 2 Time management

1 . three or more Increase accountability and responsibility

2 . 1 Break complex tasks in parts and steps

2 . 2 Students tackle more complex tasks than they can deal with on their own 3. 1Plan and manage time

3. 2Delegate roles and responsibilities

4. 1 Offer and get feedback in performance

5. 2 Carry one another dependable

5 A conclusion

The question of whether group function is a relevant learning tool in research is a question that has come up in the past or the various other in the course of studies of USIU students who have are most often than not involved in this form of studies. Lectures and learners alike carry diverse views on the significance of group work. Group work features numerous benefits and recognized disadvantages we will try and highlight the key benefits of group function to eliminate the view that group work is irrelevant. The main benefits of group function are which it increases production and performance, it can help the students over time management and it helps to enhance accountability and responsibility in group users. Groups basically well together can achieve considerably more than persons working on their own. The task can be broken down into steps and parts and divided among the group member thus making it simpler to handle the tasks. A broader variety of skills could be applied to practical activities and sharing and discussing ideas can enjoy a vital role in deepening comprehension of a particular subject area thus minimizing the intricacy of a presented task. As a team member a student has to properly plan and manage their very own time to be able to submit the group work with time this kind of enhances period management skills and planning skills, being part of a team also will a student develop skills such as role delegation as well as abilities such as...


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