Outline and Discuss the Four Functions That a Manager Performs. Provide Examples of These Functions in Operation: Essay

Physical exercise #1:

Summarize and go over the 4 functions that a manager performs. Give samples of each of these features in operation:


Planning is a point the place that the manager can be defining desired goals, and then they need to establish ways of achieving the designed goals. Additionally they need to manage to develop and plan developing and matching activities. Without planning there would be chaos and a lack of framework that is required in a business to keep easy systems. With out goals there exists nothing to shoot for the business can struggle to move forward.

E. g. Wedding Planner – Initially initial meeting with Bride

5. Further meetings with the Bride-to-be to come up with an idea on what she would imagine the wedding to get like * Planning spending budget

* Planning where it is to be organised

* Preparing the pastry

* The quantity of people and so forth...


This is how managers figure out what tasks should be done; they then need to work out an allowance of who is to do all of them, how the jobs are to be arranged and who also reports who. It is the part where the small loose ends are getting tied up. With out good organisational skills, tasks can fall season the items pretty swiftly. When getting you need to look closely at who is performing what and who is revealing to whom, with no right sales and marketing communications there can be a failure in the enterprise which can cause organisational inability.

E. g. Wedding Planner – Organising

* Starting to organise the bits and pieces necessary to put the marriage together 5. Getting techniques in order

2. Organising staffing requirements

* Organising Venue

* Organising on/off/special licences is applicable


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