Essay regarding Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Legalizing Medical Weed


My spouse and i. Attention Getter: Chemotherapy is poison. Many prescription drugs have harmful unwanted effects and relationships.

A: chemo kills a lot of cells -- good and bad –

the body attempts to expel the poison – nausea

B: Lortab, Percoset, Oxycontin, Morphene – highly

addictive, cause ulcers, nausea – overdose is fatal

C: Many patients turning to alternate therapy, with

fewer negative side effects, sometimes better results -

Be it legal or perhaps not.

2. Thesis Affirmation: Research has demonstrated that marijuana 2 medically useful and that legalization would have a good impact, proven by more happy patients who have display stress reduction, cravings stimulation, nausea reduction and pain relief followed by a slice in federal government spending and rise in government income.

III. Division of Thesis:

A. Benefits and Uses

B. Effects of Legalization

IV. Demands Appeal: Health insurance and Safety


My spouse and i. Benefits and Uses

A. Illnesses

1 . 99 Study – National Senior high of Science's Institute of drugs: marijuana can help curb pain, nausea, AIDS-related weight loss 2 . patients record easing of symptoms via MS, glaucoma and rheumatoid arthritis 3. Analysis found cannabinoids (active components) may treat symptoms from Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Epilepsy & may have anti-cancer real estate (Bailey)

B. Methods of Make use of

1 . Cigarette smoking (of training course! ) – irritates several patients' throat, lungs – still simplest and most effective 2 . THC pills – takes for a longer time, more difficult to get

3. Teas, snacks, candy, lollipops

4. Vaporizers


C. Known Side Effects

1 . May possibly 2006 UCLA study

–Disproves gov. june 2006 ad campaign " Four Cigarettes”: –Even individuals who smoked much more than 22 thousand joints – NO embrace lung cancers rates. –Tobacco smokers – 2, 1000 % increase


2 . Never a recorded overdose

3. Inhibits some knowledge, motor skills

4. A lot of studies suggest increased risk of mental illness in adulthood for teenagers > > > > > " There's a query about whether there's a connection; children and teens who have are predisposed to have mental health problems may be more likely to make an effort marijuana… you can't even look for a presidential candidate now who will say this individual has never used it. We all know people that smoked weed for amounts of time and they're most doing great. ”

Ethan Nadelmann –Drug Policy Bijou


your five. Alcohol much more harmful


II. Influence of Legalization

A. Affect on American Teens, Children

1 . " Teens within a handful of declares allowing medical marijuana will be no more likely to utilize drug than patients in other states” Study, Marijuana Policy Job, Sept. 2006 2 . Belies Bush administration claims " send youngsters a merged message… helps to encourage drug use. ”

installment payments on your CA, CALIFORNIA, MA, AK, CO, ST?LLA TILL MED ETT, NV, OR, MN, VT – let med – pot a few. past-month work with DROPPED among high school students


B. National Cash flow and Criminal offense

1 . Nobel Prize winning economist, Milton Friedman & 500 other folks - Net gain sama dengan $13. being unfaithful billion state and federal 2 . Harvard economist Jeff Miron – taxes may...

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