Economics Researched Sba Essay

Introduction/ History of the situation

Although mechanical examples of computers have been with us through much of the recorded human history, the initial electronic computer systems were designed in the mid-20th century (1940- 1945), they were the size of a huge room, consuming as much electricity as array modern pcs. Modern computers based on bundled circuits happen to be millions to billions of moments more able than the early on machines, and occupy a fraction of the space. Not only this, but they were pricey and very limited in source.

The internet café phenomenon was started in September 1991 by Wayne Gregori in Bay area when he started out SFnet Coffeehouse Network. Gregori designed, built and mounted 25 coin operated laptop terminals in coffeehouses through the entire San Francisco Bay Area. The café terminals dialed into a 32 range Bulletin Plank System that offered a multitude of electronic solutions including FIDOnet mail and, in 1992, Internet postal mail. As the many years movement went by the provision of computers increased to become one of the most crucial inventions.


An investigation in the factors impacting on the demand pertaining to the utilization of cybercafé companies among the citizens of the Ste. Madeleine Place.

Purpose of the analysis

1) To look for the relationship between the price of computers and the demand for the utilization of the cybercafé services.

2) To determine the effect of a modernized standard of living (technology) and the demand for using cybercafé services among the residents of a community. 3) To determine the price flexibility of demand for the use of cybercafé services.

Methods of investigation

The methods of research that were employed in this research study include: * Questionnaire- thirty four questionnaires were given to persons, 24 questionnaires were came back. This set of questions was given to persons roughly of age groups varying by 13- 3 decades from the Ste. Madeleine region. * Personal Interviews- We interviewed individuals of age ranges 16- quarter of a century of the Ste. Madeleine Place (all of whom visit cybercafés). * Observation- while using permission from the cybercafé owner of the Ste. Madeleine Available Bible House of worship Cybercafé, Pastor Donald Para Coteau, plus the customers present at the cybercafé, I noticed what every customer went to the cybercafé for by simply asking these people. The majority of the people visiting were there completing business documents or perhaps school assignments. The different persons came merely to look for the internet to amuse themselves by doing offers or hearing music. I also noticed that potential clients, when advised the price, either left the cybercafé or perhaps looked displeased at the value of the cybercafé service.

The sources that data was gathered for this research project include: * Newspapers- I go through various articles or blog posts about the fall in the buying price of computers. 5. Cybercafé owners- I discussed with different cybercafé owners regarding background information from the cybercafé solutions and their consumers.

* The Internet- consider appendix (page. 22) for a sample article found on the net. * Book

* Information Technology Magazines

My spouse and i interviewed 18 people inside the Ste. Madeline Area. Out of these 18, only six persons or 33. 33% owned pcs. About 15 persons or perhaps 83% of people said that cybercafé prices through the years increased. The moment asked if perhaps they were to obtain a computer if perhaps they would navigate to the cybercafé as frequently, 75% in the non- computer owning people said zero because of the value. Then I asked all persons if the amount of technology today affected if they go to the cybercafé. 100% from the persons explained yes due to substantial reasons like, the world today is more technologically affected. I up to date the computer owners that the expense of computers in the past compared with the amount paid now are much less. While i asked these people if that they bought their very own computers recently all half a dozen computer owners replied yes and because with the price transform. They said after that...


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