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Strategy – Hunter's Recruitment Agency

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Here i will discuss a sample Strategy for a Recruiting Agency intended for the first year of operation. |

Carlos R. Boccardo

January twenty, 2012

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Executive Summary2

Business Concept2

Company Overview3

Business Description3

Business Name3

Mission and Vision3

Talents and Key Competencies3


Marketing Plan4

Market Description4

Market Analyses4

Market Market and Niche5

PESTEL Analyses6

SWOT Analyses7

Client Expansion Strategies9

Website Development10

Unique Selling Point10

Strategies to Grow Sales and Revenue11

Organisational/HR Plan12


Personnel – Experience and Skills Required12

External Advisors14

Financial Analyses15

Start-up Expenses15

Targeted Costs16

Profit and Loss Projection18

Break Even Analyses19

1 . Executive Summary

Business Concept

The idea behind Seeker Recruitment is usually to place in the job market young adults searching for their first relevant job after a certain standard of qualification. On their way out of school, university, self-employed courses or even after several experience, this kind of prospects are ready to " hunt” their first work experience and eager to practice what they have already been focus on pertaining to the previous several years. Here are some factors that will be analysed: * Seeker Recruitment will give you job opportunities to young adults and new basic personnel. * Hunter Recruitment will seek a niche on the market that is filled with opportunities however overlooked by the competition. * Located in an easy growing business area.

2. First time jobs and out of University prospects.

* Connection among University and companies.

2. To go to the Prospects at the place they are beloved at: their very own colleges.

1 . Company Review

Business Description

Hunter Recruiting is a Recruiting Agency specialized in first time jobs and work positioning for students, who can place their academics learning to quality working in their field of experience.

Business Term

Hunter Recruitment– Hunter Recruitment is actually a concept that empowers the agency and says that individuals will help prospects to look for all their first task. To actually " Hunt” for a job is a frequent expression, and that we want to deliver the concept that this business will do this task for them.

Quest and Vision

Mission: To supply work positioning to all university students and people looking for opportunities within a new industry. Vision: To provide employment for all who search for. Believing there is a job to choose from for everyone, end unemployment and fulfil the dream of the first relevant job. Strengths and Primary Competencies

* Strong knowledge of an extremely challenging marketplace. Very guaranteeing, nevertheless. * Focus on a certain niche of the market that possesses solid and effective features towards the success from the business. * Technology will maximize period management and bring consumers.


Seeker Recruitment could have a demanding situation in developing it is brand image and attracting customers as a result of presence of local and city wide competition.

2 . Marketing Program

Market Information

A recruiting Agency can be explained as a service that is designed to provide the website link between task prospectors and companies that need personnel. On today's demanding world, the gap among people and their ideal task can be very vast and Hunter's Recruitment is a bridge that links those two entities with each other.

Marketplace Analysis

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