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Karlie Sowder February. 20 2013 LAB TIME/DATE ________________________ NAME_________________________________

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Category of Tissues

Tissue Composition and Function—General Review

Several cells coming together to perform a common function. They form collectively to make up organs 1 ) Define cells. _______________________________________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________________________ ___ _ 2 . Make use of the key choices to identify the tissue types described beneath. Key: a. connective muscle b. epithelium c. muscle d. nervous tissue

W C _ _______ ____________ D _ _______ ____________ A _ _______ ____________ B _ _______ ____________ D _ _______ ____________ C _ _______ ____________ B _ _______ ____________ A _ _______ ____________ A _ _______ ____________ A _ _______ ____________ D _ _______ ____________ _______ ____________ _

1 . lines human body cavities and covers the body's external surface area 2 . pumping systems blood, eliminates urine from the body, permits one to move a softball bat 3. transmits electrochemical impulses 4. anchors, packages, and supports body system organs a few. cells may possibly absorb, exude, and filtration 6. the majority of involved in controlling and controlling body features 7. key function should be to contract almost 8. synthesizes bodily hormones 9. the most durable muscle type 15. abundant nonliving extracellular matrix 11. many widespread tissue in the body 12. forms nerve fibres and the brain

Epithelial Cells

3. Illustrate five basic characteristics of epithelial muscle. ______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ___ _ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ___ _ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ___ _ 4. In what basis are epithelial tissues labeled? _______________________________________________________________

Skin cells fit closely together, Avascular, Sheetlike membrane layer

Membrane offers free advantage, High regenerative capacity.

The form of the cells that make it up and its layers


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Review Sheet 6

five. List five major functions of epithelium in the body, and present examples of every.

Protection Skin area Absorption Cellular material in intestinal tract Function a couple of: ________________________________________ Case: _________________________________________ Purification cells in kidney tubule Function a few: ________________________________________ Example: _________________________________________ Secretion Cells inside the Kidneys Function 4: ________________________________________ Example: _________________________________________ Endings of sensory neurons Sensory reception Function five: ________________________________________ Example: _________________________________________ Function 1: ________________________________________ Example: _________________________________________ 6. How exactly does the function of stratified epithelia vary from the function of straightforward epithelia? ___________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Where is ciliated epithelium located? ______________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ What role does it enjoy? ________________________________________________________________________________ _...


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